There is nothing more satisfying than flying through the sky, feeling the wind on your face and seeing beautiful scenery from above. You can experience this feeling by paragliding with the experts of Tenerife Paragliding.
If you want to pursue this dream, you need to take into account some considerations as some people are not suitable for paragliding.
One limitation is weight, as you must not weigh more than 100 kilograms, you must not be afraid of heights, and the following obstacles:

If you suffer from diabetes, you can not do without treatment.
Suspicion of pregnancy.
You should not have had any cramps within the last week.
You have had surgery in less than six months.
Have undergone hip replacement surgery.
Dizziness, tachycardia, or bradycardia.
Undergoing psychiatric treatment.
Age is not necessarily a limiting factor, as both five-year-old children and eighty-year-old retirees can fly.

Paragliding is not the same as skydiving.
Most people tend to confuse these activities and associate them with the same action. However, it should be noted that paragliding has a longer duration and you are in control of the entire flight.
In addition, one of the main differences is that parachuting is done by jumping out of an airplane with all the associated equipment, which results in a much higher flight than skydiving. And in paragliding, you take off from the mountain with the help of the wind, which makes you glide.
As a recommendation, it’s a good idea to experiment with paragliding before you skydive, although they are very different, it will prepare you for the next one.
At Tenerife Paragliding you can have full confidence in the people who work here because all the flight equipment is of the highest quality, and above all, they offer you great safety by guiding you in all your flights.
Tandem paragliding and its benefits
One of the most common services in paragliding in Tenerife is tandem paragliding, you will be accompanied by a professional piloting a paraglider and you can fly with great peace of mind.
This is very useful for people who are inexperienced and have a little fear of heights. Most importantly, you will feel safe with these professionals and can immortalize this moment by taking pictures throughout the experience.
You can increase your self-confidence, overcome stress, develop adrenaline, which generates happiness, allow you to appreciate nature, in short, it gives you a sense of freedom incomparable to other sensations.
Having made the decision to go paragliding, go to, check out the flights they offer, and book the one that best suits you. You can also call them at (+34) 652594544. Experience Adeje, Tenerife – Spain with the experts from Tenerife Paragliding.

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